For Equitable Solutions Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

When my husband and I were divorced, we hired Beth Dickson, a mediator from Houston, to work with us.  Beth had each of us articulate what was most important and focused the discussion on that.  We were able to settle difficult issues fairly quickly and for substantially less money than if we had relied upon lawyers and the courts.  Most importantly, we were encouraged to quit spending our time and energy on anger and trying to hurt the other one, and instead focused upon trying to co-parent the children and create separate lives for the future. I think she is a miracle worker, and I recommend her to everyone I know who is getting divorced.
Alex, Austin

I had never heard of a “divorce planner”, but even if I had I probably would have never known I might some day need one.  Thankfully, my attorney suggested we hire one to assist in my divorce, and he brought Beth in to meet with us.  It has been seven years since that day and as I reflect back, I actually don’t remember much of the unpleasant details of the divorce in general (like childbirth, painful memories fade).  I do recall, though, the moments Beth allowed me to cry on her shoulder; not only over the pain of divorce in general but also with relief in knowing, after only a few minutes of talking with her, that Beth would make sure my financial interests were taken care.  Having Beth there to wade through the mishmash of financial documents, including 401K, pensions, and stock options, quickly determining an equitable division, and proceeding to the formalities of making the transfer of assets happen, was a very positive experience.  Before Beth, I just assumed 50/50 meant 50/50, and never knew the importance of looking at future net worth in considering how that split should be done.  Having Beth looking out for my interests was the best thing I could have ever done to make the divorce process less traumatic as well as putting me in the best position to move forward with my life.  Thank you, Beth!

Royce, Dallas

I was introduced to Beth Dickson and Equitable Solutions through a collaborative divorce lawyer.  This lawyer knew that I had little knowledge of finances and would need the professional advice on how to divide our marital assets.  Beth proved to be invaluable during this process.  She not only advised me on an equitable division prior to mediation, but she attended the actual mediation with me and provided input during the hours of negotiation.

Debbie, Houston

The time around my divorce was difficult for me, and though I have expertise in several areas, those do not include financial planning or investments.  Beth and Shelley were able to help me make choices that were right for me and for my children.  It wasn't about anger; it was about fairness, making the best of a less-than-great situation, and  moving on, and being able to enjoy my life again.

Joan, Austin

“When you go through a life-altering event, such as a divorce, which completely destroys your sense of trust in the world, what you need most is to be surrounded by advisors who are not just knowledgeable, but who are also impeccably trustworthy.  Beth and Shelly are two such people.  They dedicate themselves to doing what is best and right for their client by combining their financial expertise with a compassion for the people whom they serve.  In short, I could not have gone through such a difficult time in my life without them.”

Cindy, Houston

Equitable Solutions is indeed named appropriately.  The divorce was going to happen even if I did not want it.  Beth helped me plan for the future when I could not see any future and felt nothing but pain.  More so, she helped both of us see into the future with her computer software for a fair division of accumulated assets after 34 years of marriage.  Beth's analysis of our assets and her expert financial planning, her regard for both of our emotions, combined with her outstanding professionalism, allowed us to complete mediation proceedings and
to truly come to an equitable solution.

Kitty, Houston

I believe the services provided by this firm are critical to the viability of many persons post-divorce.  Equitable Solutions was imperative to the equitable division of assets in my divorce.  The expertise Beth lent during – and very importantly – after my divorce made me wonder how well off I would have been without her!  Beth’s knowledge helped me set up my new life with security and safety foremost.  I highly recommend Equitable Solutions, as the levels of both commitment and expertise are beyond compare!

Liz, Bozeman, MT